[tabs] [tab title=”M.A. and M.Div. Programs”]

M.A. & M.Div Programs

Application fee $50
Registration Fee (per quarter) $50
Late Registration Fee (per Quarter) $100
Graduation Fee $100
Transcript (per copy) $20
I-20 Form: Original Issuance free
Each subsequent Issuance $30
Each Endorsement $15
Gown/Hood/Cap/Tassel Deposit fee $350 + $25 rental
Full Credit (per quarter unit) $230
Audit (per course, non-refundable) $100
Flat Rate (only applies to approved scholarship) : from 15 credit hours to 20 credit hours per quarter $1,500

[/tab] [tab title=”Th.M and D.Min. Programs”]

Th.M. and D. Min. Programs

Application fee $100
Registration Fee (per quarter) $50
Late Registration Fee (per Quarter) $100
Graduation Fee $150
Transcript (per copy) $20
I-20 Form: Original Issuance free
Each subsequent Issuance $30
Each Endorsement $15
Gown/Hood/Cap/Tassel Deposit fee $350 + $25 rental
Full Credit (per quarter unit) $280
Recorded Audit Credit (per course, non-refundable) $100
Major Project for D. Min Dissertation (9 units) $2,250
Major Project for Th.M. Thesis (6 units) $1,500
Continuation Fee (per quarter) (Required when not registering for classes except Summer Sessions) $100
Parking (per quarter) $30
Course packet/ reader (per course) $5

(Effective 9-1-2015)

[/tab] [tab title=”Financial Aid and Scholarships”]

Financial Aid and Scholarships

a. Scholarship Grant for 25% up to 50% tuition fee only: Since this seminary is fully dedicated to developing and training future leaders of Third World churches, all prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarship. The scholarships are funded by mission-minded churches and individuals who are concerned for the strategic mission to the Third World through ITS. Scholarships are awarded to international students in the form of an interest-free forgivable loan. This loan will be automatically reduced by 20% for each year if a student serves a church in his/her home country or in mission field after graduation from ITS. Scholarship students who do not keep their pledge to return to their countries after study, will be obligated to pay back the full amount of the scholarship they have received throughout their study at ITS. Application for scholarship must be submitted with the application for admission.

b. Work Study: Limited to fund availability. Upon the approval of the Administrator, student is allowed to work up to 15 hours each week. Payments are automatically credited towards tuition fee.

c. Teaching Assistantship: Limited to fund availability. Upon the approval of the Academic Dean, TAs are allowed to work up to 15 hours each week or equivalent to 150 hours per quarter. Payments are automatically credited towards tuition fee. Criteria for Scholarship Award The following shall serve as general criteria for the award of scholarship.

  • Financial needs
  • Ministerial experience and special merits
  • Mission strategy, demonstrated promises and potentialities for leadership in Third World churches
  • Designated funds

Duration and Conditions of Scholarship:

a. All scholarships, grants or financial aid are renewed annually for the duration of the study within the designated program, provided the recipient remains in good standing as stipulated on the conditions of the awarding of the scholarship. Recipients’ performance is reviewed annually. Application renewal for all scholarship should be submitted no later than May 1 of each year.

b. The maximum length of the duration of scholarship is two years for M.A. and Th. M. When additional courses are pre-requisite for the degree, scholarship is extended to a maximum of three years. Any scholarship for other degrees has a maximum duration of three years.

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Dormitory rates increase beginning Fall Quarter 2016. For the schedule of rates click here.

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